Pete Lindemulder runs for Lake County Councilman in its 4th District this year after collecting an extensive and diverse portfolio of experiences that make him exceptionally and uniquely suited for this role.  A successful businessman and a committed life-long learner, Pete is known for approaching new situations with an eye toward problem-solving and a commitment to excellence and efficiency.


Since he was a young child, Pete has dreamed of and been passionate about leading businesses toward success.  After studying business in college, Pete eagerly entered the work force.  A natural leader, Pete began at his family’s business, Dutch Farms, and quickly rose through the ranks there.  This led to joining with his family in another business venture, the purchase of a solid sanitation company. Seeing an essential unmet need there, Pete himself left his usual position in the office and operated a front-loader for a year to ensure the company’s success. Only after that need was met did Pete return to his office responsibilities to run the company’s finances. That waste company was eventually profitably sold to Waste Management in 2009.

Pete then ventured off on his own. starting a successful medical waste and document destruction company with his business partner, followed by a portable sanitation company. They now also own and operate a large, multi-state transport company headquartered in Crown Point. During his time in leadership, his medical waste and document destruction company grew from its original staff of just one driver to 50 employees!  Just recently, that same company was successfully acquired by a publicly traded corporation. Through his hard work, his ability to identify problems with a commitment to finding solutions, and his strong ability to rally those around him to bring a company’s vision to reality, all of Pete’s business ventures have grown and operated to great financial success.


Pete loves Lake County and has a deep desire to help it thrive.  Not only are all of Pete’s companies located in Lake County, Indiana, but Pete has also chosen to make Lake County his long-term home.  In 2004, Pete married his high school sweetheart, Janelle, and is proud to be celebrating their 18th wedding anniversary this year.  He and Janelle have three children together who attend local Christian schools within Lake County.  Their family are members at Faith Church in Dyer. With a shared heart for bettering their community, their family volunteers at and supports many area charities.


Elected officials of Lake County’s council hold an important responsibility to its district’s residents.  Responsible for the finances and budgeting of Lake County, councilmen make decisions about the maintenance of local roads and parks, manage local planning and development, make decisions about government salaries, and may even make decision on local arts, sports, and community programs and facilities. 

That’s why it’s important that you vote for Pete Lindemulder for Lake County Councilman 4th District on May 3. Pete has the skills that Lake Council needs to responsibly care for its citizens while responsibly governing its finances.  Too often, decisions are made that are not in the best interest of Lake County’s residents and Pete will push for fiscally responsible decision-making that benefits all.

Transparency is of utmost importance to Pete.  By increasing the accessibility and openness of county council decisions, our elected officials are held accountable, and trust is built between government and its residents.  Pete will push government officials to make budgets, bids, and business history accessible in order to better manage the finances of Lake County and give its constituents the ability to evaluate how their government is working for them.


The upcoming election and the responsibilities of Lake County Councilman are so important to our community’s future.  We respectfully ask for your vote for Pete Lindemulder for Lake County Councilman 4th District on Tuesday, November 8.